Patrick Anderson McQuoid


Patrick Anderson-McQuoid

Visual Artist / Photographer / Poet / Performance Artist / Curator

Born in Dublin, Ireland. Based in the North West of Ireland. Early years spent in Cornwall, England were he first exhibited as a full-time artist while also absorbed in Music and Theatre. Moved to live in Cork City, Ireland where he worked with the Irish Ballet Company in Stage Management, Lighting & Sound, and Inaugural Performances. Founder and Artistic Director of The Tubular Gallery, Cork, and in 1978 was the Founder & Director of The Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.

With a diffusion of open cultural participation over the years of art practice has led to active involvement in various cultural fields. Each project often consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and meanings; his art practice is consistently evolving. Over the years he has exhibited worldwide with works in private and public collections, national and international.



Patrick Anderson-McQuoid.

Three Selected Exhibitions from 2000 to 2022.


Postcards From The Edge. Visual Aids. Virtual Exhibition. NY. USA.
Between Then And Now. Autobiographical Audiobook. Findaway Voices. Audiobook Distributor.
Poetry Reading with Music by Stevi M. The Millrace. Drumshanbo. Leitrim. Ireland.
Fluxus. Limited Edition Book of 20 Copies. Visuals and Poetry.
Visual Aids, “21st Annual Postcards from The Edge”, Bortolami Gallery – New York, NY, USA.
Poetry & Music Evening, curated by Marina Miletic and Toni Kumer, with Ivana Duras and Mate Pauletic – XL Caffe Bar, Rovinj, Croatia.
Poetry Performance Video, Culture Night Ireland – Harlow’s Bar, Roscommon, Ireland


Eight monthly Window Art Exhibitions including Visuals and Collage Works. Pottery by Marina
Miletic. Drumshanbo. Leitrim. Ireland.
Postcards From The Edge. Visual Aids. Virtual Exhibition. NY. USA.
Poetry Reading with Voja Stganovic. Performance. XXXL Cafe. Rovinj. Croatia.


Annual Postcards From The Edge. Exhibition. Visual Aids. Bortolami Gallery. NY. USA
6×6. Exhibition. Rochester Contemporary Art Centre. NY. USA.
Window Art. Art Installation of 12 Visual & Poetry Works. Also works from The Jim Fee Pottery
Group. Drumshanbo. Leitrim. Ireland.

Three Selected Exhibitions from 2000 to 2019.


Visual Aids, “21st Annual Postcards from The Edge”, Bortolami Gallery – New York, NY, USA.

Poetry & Music Evening, curated by Marina Miletic and Toni Kumer, with Ivana Duras and Mate Pauletic – XL Caffe Bar, Rovinj, Croatia.

Poetry Performance Video, Culture Night Ireland – Harlow’s Bar, Roscommon, Ireland


One-Person Exhibition, “Between Then and Now”, Art works included: Book Launch, Video, Poetry Reading, Jar Installation, Workhouse Installation. Official opening performed by Alf McCarthy (Broadcaster/Actor/Writer). Invited Guests: Charlie McGettigan (Singer/Songwriter), Martin O’Hara (Rap Poet), Dympna Molloy (Poet), Noel Molloy (Performance Artist), Devon MacFillivray (Music), Dermot McNabb (Talk), Teresa O’Callaghan (Talk), and Carrick Workhouse, in association with Carrick-on-Shannon Heritage Group – County Leitrim, Ireland.

“Anything Goes”, Group Show – Flood Gallery, Black Mountain, NC, USA.

“Watermarks” Exhibition – Multikulturelleg Centrum, Templin, Germany.



“ROCO 6×6” – Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, New York State, USA.

Poetry Reading – Arts Cabaret 16, Knockcroghry, Roscommon, Ireland.

“Make Public” Exhibition – One Ten Gallery, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.



Visual Aids, “Postcards from the Edge” with Ed Ruscha, Kiki Smith, Robert Longo, John Waters and others – Sikkema Jenkins Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

“Urban Landscape” Exhibition – Kabe Gallery, Folkstone, England, UK.

“Modular Art Pod”, Group Show – OZ Arts, Nashville, USA.



“The Bed Show” – Lawton Gallery, University of Wisconsin, USA.

“Passing the Flame” Group Show – Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Canada.

“Trassshart” – Post 21, Oud-Beijeuland, Holland.



“Your Culture Mail” Art Exhibition, curated by Patrick Anderson McQuoid and Marina Miletic who performed Poetry Readings and Performance Art.  Works by artists from: Italy, Austria, Spain, USA, Norway, Belarus, Canada, Russia, Ireland, Germany, France, Serbia, Holland and the United Arab Emirates.  All works donated to be on permanent exhibition at The Base Youth Cafe in Drumshanbo for ‘Culture Night’ – Conway’s Corner House, Drumshanbo, Leitrim, Ireland.

“Correspondence” – Q Gallery, Franklin Art Centre, MA, USA

“The Wexford Artists” Book Exhibition – Limerick School of Art, Ireland.



ABAD, “The Ties That Bind”, International Book Art Biennial – Islip Art Gallery Museum, New York, NY, USA.

“Paper news”, Group Exhibition – Hunan New Millennium Centre for Contemporary Art, Changsha, China.

“Do It”, Group Exhibition and one photograph as part of Yoko Ono’s project – Manchester International Festival, Manchester Art Gallery, England.



“The Poetry Box”, Poetry Performance Art with Marina Miletic and Music by DJ Koja – Galerija Alternativa, Belgrade, Serbia.

“Transformation”, Fluxfest – ETG Book Cafe Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

Project Art Books, Touring Exhibition – Weert/Achen/Limburg, Holland.


“Fluxsface in Space”, Artwork and Self-Portrait.  Artwork scanned as part of exhibition project organized by NASA and launched into orbit as part of the last two Space Shuttle Missions (STS 133 and STS 134) which rendezvoused with the International Space Station.  Curated by Cecil Touchon, Gary A. Bibb and Angela Ferrara; Launched: May 18th,2011; Return landing: June1st, 2011.  This leaving Patrick the only Irish artist to have his work exhibited in space.

“Fluxface in Space”, Fluxfest Chicago 2011 – The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA.

“Renaissance”, Mail/Sound Art curated by Joe Fleury – Villars, Switzerland.



“Visual Aids”, Benefit Group Exhibition.  Donating artists included: Jack Pierson, Yoko Ono and Jeff Koons – Zieher Smith Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

“Fluxface in Space”, Exhibition in the Kennedy Space Center, Florida (Portfolio Version).  Curated by NASA and Cecil Touchon – Fort Worth Arts Center, Texas.  

“The Last Book”, curated by Luis Camnnitzer – Zentral Bibliothek, Zurich. Switzerland.



“A Celebration”, Memorial Project for Judith Hoffberg (Founder of Umbrella Art Magazine) – University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“The Last Show”, Group Exhibition, Shopping Trolly Gallery, Field Study – Tate Gallery, London, UK.

“Visual Aids”, Benefit Group Exhibition.  Donating artists included: Cindy Sherman, Yoko Ono, Carl Andre, Ed Ruscha, Jeff Koons – Metro Pictures, New York, USA.



One-Person Exhibition, “Insights”, Photographs/Found Objects; Official Opening by Michael Harding (Writer & Irish Times Columnist) – Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

“Flux Exhibition 2: New and Improved Fluxus”, selections from the permanent collection from the FLUX museum.  Works by Luc Fierens, Jim Leftwich, Cecil Touchon, Yoko Ono, John M. Bennett, Reid Wood, Larry Miller & 22 Others – Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

One-Person Exhibition, “Insights”, (A Selection) – Worth a Gander, Drumshanbo Library, Leitrim, Ireland.



“The Artist-Led Archive”, Archival history documentation of The Tubular Gallery, Cork City, 1974 and the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, 1978, including two works from Patrick’s own collection on temporary loan.  Curated by Megs Morley, with grant aid from the Arts Council of Ireland, Galway Arts Centre, Galway, Ireland.

Museum of Small Arts, Group Exhibition – MOSA Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Flesh”, Group Exhibition – Novo Gallery, SKC Centre, Belgrade, Serbia.



One-Person Exhibition.  “Outside Looking In” – VIP Gallery, SKC Arts Centre, Photo/Poetry Installation. Launch of Poetry Book, “Presence of Love” published in an edition of 100 in English and Serbian. Translated by Marina Miletic.  Official Opening performed by Ms. Anne Pesic – Honorary Irish Consulate, Serbia.

18th Independent Arts Festival, “Freedom for Serbian Artists”.  Performance Art with Ultima Occasio in collaboration with Marina Miletic (known as Dreamdva) – Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

Curator with Marina Miletic of “Falling Feathers” Performance Festival.  “Two Evenings of 10 Performance Art Works” with Peter Kusterman. (Germany), Cian & Stephanie McConn (Ireland), Noel Molloy (Ireland), Jackie McKenna (Ireland), and DreamDva (Patrick Anderson-McQuoid and Marina Miletic).



Three One-Person Exhibitions, 17th Independent Festival, Belgium; Performance Art – Minden, Germany.

“The Present Past”, PhotoWorks, Video, Artists Book, Poetry Reading – Victoria Hall, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland.

“Visual Poetry” – Gik Juri Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

“Cork Moments” – RTE Radio, “European Capital of Culture”, Ireland.



“Residency” – The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Tyrone, Ireland.

“Parallel” Exhibition – Soapbox Gallery, Queensland, Australia.

“Ray Johnson” Exhibition – Struts Gallery, New Brunswick, Canada.



One-Person Exhibition, “16 Boxes” – Drumshanbo Library, Leitrim, Ireland.

RTE Radio ‘Documentary on One’, “Echoes in a Landscape”.

One-Person Exhibition, “Constructive Views of the Invisible” – Foyer Gallery, Leitrim County Council Offices, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland.



“Leitrim Guardian”, Visual/Poetry.

One-Person Exhibition, 10 Portraits + 1. Poetry Reading – Drumshanbo Library, Leitrim, Ireland.

“The Art History of Today”, Visual/Text – Edition Bauwagen, Germany.



One-Person Exhibition, “Autumnal Suite/Soliloquies”, Poetry Reading. Official Opening by Brian Leyton – Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo, Ireland.

“A Sense of Place”, Group Exhibition – Galerie Centre Cultural, Cesson Sevigne, Brittany, France.  Curated by Leitrim County Council.

Poetry Reading – Paradiso, Eugene, Oregon, USA.



One-Person Exhibition, “One Place to Another” – Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton, Leitrim, Ireland.

“Arts Cabaret 10” curated with Noel Molloy, Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland.

One-Person Exhibition, “Ten Photographs” – Anglers Rest, Drumshanbo, Leitrim, Ireland.



Tate Britain Library, London, UK; Post Denmark Museum; Flux Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, USA; Modesto Museum, CA, USA; Art Garden, Huddersfield, England, UK; Ladyrint Press, Sweden; University of California Library, USA; Art Institute, University of Valparaiso, Chile; Roscommon County Library, Ireland; Leitrim County Library, Ireland; IFKA Institute, Bielefeld, Germany; Fluxus Museum, St. Louis, MO, USA; Flux Museum, New Mexico, USA; Archive Open, Italy; Hyperallergic, New York, USA; Cabinet Magazine Gallery, New York, USA; MOCA, Boston, USA; Post-Neoabsurdist, New Brunswick, New York, USA; Studio Gennal, Pisa, Italy; Mail Art Books Collection, Holland; Wooster Collective, New York, USA; McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa, OK, USA; New York Boyer Foundation, NY, USA; Droitwich Arts Network, England, UK; Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania; Visual Aids, New York, USA; The Small Print Company, Derby, England, UK; Modular Art Pod, Oz Arts, Nashville, TN, USA.



2003  “Tyrone Guthrie Bursary” – Leitrim County Council, Leitrim, Ireland.

2002  Selected to represent Ireland for the Euro Arts Festival, Germany.

2000  Arts Award – Leitrim County Council, Leitrim, Ireland.

1999  Arts Council of Ireland/Aer Lingus Travel Award.

1998  Arts Council of Ireland Publishing Award.

1998  Arts Council of Ireland/Aer Lingus Travel Award.

1993  Leitrim Guardian Literary Award, Ireland.

1978  Grant Award from the Arts Council of Ireland as Founder & Artistic Director of The Triskel Arts Centre.


Miscellaneous (Selected)

Poetry Reading/Lecture – Nova Academy of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

RTE ‘Documentary on One’, “Echoes in a Landscape”, Ireland

“The Arts Show” – ROS FM with Noel Molloy (Artist/Producer), Ireland.

“CCTV”, Poetry Reading – Boston, USA.

“SCATV”, Poetry Reading – Boston, USA.

Co-Curator with Noel Molloy of “M2 Artists Group” (Arts Cabaret), “Number 1 to 20”, a one evening event once a year with Music, Poetry, Performance Art, Video, Folk Art, Dance, Fax Art – Ireland/Scotland/USA.

“Cross Currents in Culture” – Arts West Magazine, Ireland.

Curator, ‘Temporary Gallery’ (Visual/Performance Art) – Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon, Ireland.

“PATV”, “Three Poets/Three Accents”, Documentary of Reading at Ken Sanders Rare Books with Patrick Anderson-McQuoid, Leslie Norris, Alex Caldiero – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Editor/Publisher, “Artists Pages”, Limited Edition Works by Carl Andre, Patrick Anderson-McQuoid, Laura Vitulano and Marie Kazalia – Ireland.

Curator, Exhibition “Festival de Cote d’Opale” – Folkestone, Kent, UK.

Review of the Peter Blake Tate Gallery – The Art Magazine, Vol 2/No 3, London, UK

Co-Editor, “Gallery Guide” – The Art Magazine, London, UK.

Co-Founder & Assistant Editor under Paul Durcan (Editor), “The Cork Review” – Triskel Arts Centre, Ireland.

Curator, ‘Green Room Gallery’ – Everyman Playhouse, Cork, Ireland.

Editor & Founder, “Corkscrew Poetry Broadsheet” – Tubular Gallery, Cork.